BVIEC Hosts Groundbreaking Ceremony for Anegada Renewable Energy Microgrid Project

ANEGADA, British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) officially begins construction on the installation of a combined Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) on the island of Anegada, in the British Virgin Islands. This renewable energy system will generate electricity from the sun, store solar energy beyond sunset hours and deliver sustainable, renewable energy to power the equivalent of about 160 homes.

A groundbreaking and blessing ceremony for the Anegada Renewable Energy Microgrid Project took place on Thursday, December 29, 2022. Event attendees include the Premier of the Virgin Islands, Hon. Dr. Natalio Wheatley and Hon. Kye Rymer, Minister of Communications & Works, under whose ministry the BVI Electricity Corporation falls, Mr. Leroy A.E. Abraham, General Manager/CEO of BVIEC, Mr. Robert Wallace, President and CEO of Power52 Clean Energy Access Anegada, and Project Manager, Mr. Akim Brewley.

“Today, we are excited to begin taking significant strides to strengthen our island’s energy security and resiliency, while increasing our energy independence. Thanks to the Anegada community, we are now steps closer to a renewable energy vision,” said Premier Dr. Hon. Natalio Wheatley. “The Anegada Renewable Energy Microgrid Project is a landmark initiative for us that will benefit our economy by providing a hedge against inflation and bolster our sustainability efforts and local communities through stable, affordable energy, innovative technology, and job creation.”

The solar project will have a capacity of 2.2 MW, with 1.2 MW of solar PV and 1000 KW BESS with the installation of a Micro-Grid Master Controller which will control the solar PV system, battery, and a backup generator. Once fully operational, the project is designed to generate 1.5 million kilowatt hours annually of clean, renewable energy for the island.  It’s also expected to reduce more than 1,603 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually from the environment, which is the equivalent of offsetting 1,176,139 pounds of coal burned or reducing emissions from 2,638,643 miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle annually. Construction on the Anegada Renewable Energy Microgrid Project is expected to be completed in late 2023.

Power52 Clean Energy Access Anegada is affiliated with Power52 Caribbean Energy Institute, a BVI-based entity established to provide technical training and certifications for solar construction, development, operation, and maintenance.

“It’s energizing to work with a group of partners committed to bringing this key energy infrastructure to Anegada. The training that Power52 provides empowers people to break the cycles of poverty, unemployment, underemployment, and incarceration in our urban communities. The construction of this project will power the island, and strengthen economic empowerment through clean energy access,” said Robert Wallace, President, and CEO of Power52 Clean Energy Access Anegada. “This project is a manifestation of Power 52’s mission to Power Nations by empowering the people, and my personal purpose in life.”

Power 52 Clean Energy Access Anegada teamed up with leading commercial solar developer, Core Development Group, on the construction management of the microgrid project.

“I firmly believe in the power of clean energy that will transform our world, and PV solar with battery storage microgrid makes a lot of sense in this unique island environment,” said Henry Cortes, CEO, and Founder of Core Development Group.

Expanding renewable generation is one of the strategic objectives of the BVIEC and the Government of the Virgin Islands, and this combined solar and battery storage system will be built on 1.74 hectares of land on the island, approximately 1 km south of the Captain Auguste George airport.

“The BVIEC is proud to partner with the Power 52 Clean Energy Access Anegada team as we enhance the mission and community resilience and move purposefully towards the British Virgin Island’s energy goals,” said Leroy A.E. Abraham, General Manager/CEO of BVIEC. “This is a great example of people and climate action, building access to clean energy sources that provide jobs for low-income individuals in disadvantaged communities.”

Ground breaking

About Power52 Clean Energy Access Anegada:
Power52 Clean Energy Access Anegada is affiliated with Power52 Caribbean Energy Institute (CEI).  CEI  prepares individuals for a career in the Renewable Energy industry.  CEI’s craft instructors are committed to all students no matter their back story, with the Power Principles as the foundation, our CEI creates opportunities that give access to workforce options in this growing industry. Enrolling in one of our Renewable Energy training programs helps individuals navigate a career by learning and applying CEI power principles and life skills, NCCER standardized curriculum, PV solar curriculum which supports obtaining NABCEP credentials, and the project management curriculum to aid with navigating the green environment. The Renewable Energy Professional Training class format for individuals is a HYBRID curriculum delivered and powered by ECADEMY.CO.  Ecademy integrates learning in both online and in-person education, including hands-on laboratory experiences.  Graduates from the Caribbean Energy Institute are recruited and contracted to construct and maintain clean energy projects throughout the Caribbean, enhancing their experience portfolio, and shoring up their collective talent.

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About British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation (BVIEC):
The British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation Ordinance No. 7 of 1978 was legislated to provide for the establishment of a Statutory Corporation, known as the British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation. This Ordinance came into effect in January of 1979. The Government of the British Virgin Islands is the sole shareholder of BVIEC which is under the portfolio of the Ministry of Communication and Works. Serving approximately 16,254 customers as of July 2022, the company meets the territory’s peak demand of approximately 32 MW from eleven (11) of its own diesel-fired generators which have an installed capacity of approximately 58.5 MW. The major functions of the Corporation are the generation, transmission, supply, distribution, and sale of electricity throughout the British Virgin Islands.  See more at

About Core Development Group:
Core Development Group is a trusted and agile independent U.S. company that designs, develops, and constructs renewable clean energy projects and offers related consulting services to companies in the U.S. and abroad. As a nationally ranked company, we help organizations of all sizes transition to clean, renewable energy with solar energy, battery storage, microgrids, and EV charging installations. Core Development Group also partners with other leading companies in the renewable energy industry to provide world-class engineering design, procurement, construction, and quality assurance construction management consulting services. Founded in 2012, Core Development Group is headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey. See more at