Landfill Cap Transformed

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Examples of Core Development Group’s projects that added solar development on leased landfill sites.

Lease your land for financial benefit and reach your sustainable energy goals.

Partner with Core Development Group to monetize your land. Lower operating costs, achieve tax and pricing effi ciencies, and give back to the planet and local community by investing in renewable energy sources.

Put Your Landfill Back to Work

Landfill owners can lease their idle land for solar development, receive financial benefits, and gain community support through land reuse. Core Development Group makes it easy to lock in a guaranteed financial return for the use of your land. Solar land leases can pay for operating expenses or offset maintenance costs.

By providing a pollution-free source of energy on your land, adding clean, renewable energy projects on your properties can have several environmental and economic benefits. Through reuse of these sites, communities see a property that had been underutilized turned into a facility that may help improve the local tax base, create jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create a paradigm shift into economic opportunity. This approach not only revitalizes land, but turns a potential liability into an asset that will serve the community for decades to come and improve corporate sustainability.

Partner with Core Development Group to revitalize your land for a win-win situation, that is good for the environment and good for business.

Environmental Impacts & Benefits

Real benefits with measurable results.

100 acres of renewable electricity production with resource-efficient use will result in the following:

CO2 Offsets: 25,300 metric tons (50,600,000 lbs.) annually

Greenhouse Gas Equivalent:

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Cars removed from the road or 63,583,800 miles avoided annually

CO2 Equivalent:

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Gallons of gasoline consumed

Carbon Sequestered:

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Tree seedlings grown for 10 years

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Avoided:

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Tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled

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