Transitioning Fleets to Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Ev charging

Does it seem daunting to replace your fleet of fuel-powered vehicles with electric vehicles? That’s natural; change is hard and sometimes confusing. But the transition will be smoother if you start sooner, and Core Development Group can be your guide to the promising road ahead, pointing out opportunities that will benefit both you and your […]

Go Solar Sooner

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Energy prices rose to historic highs this year and the natural tendency is to wait for them to come back down and return to normal. But will they? According to the natural gas options market, the chances of natural gas reverting to 2021 prices this January 2023 are the same as them skyrocketing to previously […]

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Inflation reduction act

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is the largest investment in the fight against climate change in United States history and can have significant positive impacts on your business. Core Development Group can help your business to maximize the benefits of this legislation, which will drive the U.S. towards a new renewable energy era. The […]

Core Development Group Ranked as a Leading Commercial Solar Contractor

2022 top solar contractors presented by solar power world

  This article was originally published by International Business Times. MAHWAH, N.J., August 10, 2022 / — Solar Power World, a leading solar energy industry publication, recently released their 2022 Top Solar Contractors list, and Core Development Group was recognized as 18th leading commercial solar contractor in the U.S. and 29th Solar EPC, a term […]

Rapidly Rising Energy Pricing Brings Focus to Renewable and Clean Energy Solutions

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Inflation is impacting all aspects of business these days, and energy is no exception.   A rise in inflation is being driven by supply and demand mismatches in the current market, a shift in consumer demand resulting from the global pandemic, and impacts from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. With the increased costs of oil, natural […]

Core Development Group Recognized as a Top Battery Energy Storage Provider in 2022

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Energy storage solutions have transformed the power landscape with profound implications. The growing renewable energy market, the need to store that energy, and the rising demand for electric vehicles (EVs) have led to a situation of increased demand for energy storage. In addition, storage prices are dropping faster than industry forecasts. Battery storage is rapidly […]

Benefits and Overview of Community Solar

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Solar energy can offer customers a variety of benefits, such as utility bill savings, energy independence, and the chance to support clean and renewable energy. However, many Americans, who are unable to host a solar system on site, are currently unable to realize these benefits. Programs such as community solar – sometimes referred to as […]