Solar Energy Project Management

Core Development Group provides highly experienced solar project managers with the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support solar renewable energy project initiatives.

Whether you require solar project manager resources long-term or short-term, Core Development Group has the flexibility and talent to accommodate your renewable energy resource needs. Core Development Group specializes in managing day-to-day solar development operations, recovering troubled solar projects, interim leading, filling skill set gaps, and supplementing resources when demand exceeds capacity.

Experienced Solar Project Managers

Get real-world solar expertise. Get some technical expertise to help grow your renewable energy footprint, increase the impact of solar for your organization, install storage or an EV charging system to a solar system design, and help complete get a project completed. Does your solar business need some technical expertise for an upcoming project or to confirm assumptions? Core Development Group offers NABCEP-certified and licensed professional project managers that have experience running complex solar projects, integrating storage, and combining EV charging on a variety of projects. Get local expertise in navigating the local jurisdiction permitting requirements, utility interconnection process, and the clean energy regulatory landscape.

Get some quickly added capacity for a specific job site or an experienced solar professional to help guide your business. Our team of solar project managers can be used on projects of all types and sizes, ranging from commercial solar projects, and community solar, to large utility-scale solar projects. immediately.

Trusted Solar Expertise

During the construction and commissioning phases of a renewable energy project, we provide construction management and monitoring services to help ensure that project milestones are completed, the work conforms to the project design, quality controls are being met and potential delays or cost overruns are identified.

Areas of solar insights include:

  • Review of proposed work plans and quality-control procedures
  • Onsite solar consulting on design and installation processes
  • Solar system design and performance modeling
  • Insights into solar equipment selection
  • Solar project permitting
  • Utility interconnection process
  • Manage solar system inspection, commissioning, and project close-out
  • Optimize performance of solar systems to maximize ROI

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We assist our clients with comprehensive advice and future-proof solutions based on expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technology. Solar project managers know how to help!