New Jersey Commercial Solar Systems

NEW JERSEY is a solar energy leader in the United States

Incentives in New Jersey can translate into significant savings for commercial solar installations.

Headquartered in Mahwah, NJ, Core Development Group is a commercial solar industry leader serving New Jersey businesses with commercial solar. New Jersey businesses can reply upon local service and peace of mind with Core Development Group’s trusted expertise with commercial rooftop, ground mount, and car port solar systems.
Regularly ranked as a leading solar contractor and developer by Solar Power World.

Purchasing or Financing of Commercial Solar Systems in New Jersey

New Jersey businesses can benefit from commercial solar system Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) experience of Core Development Group, including the most competitive pricing options in the market without compromising quality or efficiency or project timelines.

A variety of flexible financial options are available for NJ-based commercial solar systems, including Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). A power-purchase agreement is unlike outright ownership, as organizations (businesses, municipalities, educational institutions) play host to a solar array owned and operated by someone else. The organization then purchases the electricity from the array under a long-term agreement.

Core Development Group offers a variety of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) models that can be customized to the needs of our customer. With our traditional PPA model, Core Development Group (sometimes in partnership with financiers) owns your solar energy system and sells the energy produced to you in a long-term agreement with monthly payments that are less than your current electricity bill. We have unique and innovative PPA products that work especially well for non-profits, religious institutions and municipal entities.

New Jersey Commercial Solar Installations

Installing a commercial solar system on a commercial property can reduce operating costs and increase corporate sustainability. Below are common industry examples for Core Development Group’s commercial solar installations:



Strip Malls & Retail Stores

Commercial Buildings

Health Care



New Jersey Commercial Solar Incentives

New Jersey continues to lead the nation in the growth of the solar market, thanks to lower costs, solar grants, tax credits, and state incentives. By 2030, approximately 50% of NJ electricity is expected to come from clean renewable energy sources, with solar energy increasing from 7% in 2020 to 34% of New Jersey’s electricity by 2050. Learn more about New Jersey solar incentives that are available to businesses.

Types of Commercial Solar Systems in New Jersey

Core Development Group offers solar energy mounting configurations that meet the energy demand and budgetary needs of all customers. Rooftop mounting systems generally are quickest and most cost-effective to complete. When adequate roof space is not available, we design options that ground mount solar panels as canopies or simply at ground level to cover open fields. Transform your organization or business rooftops, parking lots, and land with a commercial solar system that can include battery storage to reduce business risks associated with power failures. Core Development Group offers several solar EPC structures and solutions to fit unique needs for decades to come.

Areas We Serve

Core Development Group serves all of New Jersey, including northern, southern, and central New Jersey areas. We have expertise working with local electricity distribution utilities, including Atlantic City Electric (ACE), Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L), Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G), and Rockland Electric Company (RECO). Learn more about New Jersey commercial solar incentives. 

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