About Core Development Group

Core Development Group is a trusted and agile, independent U.S. company that designs, develops, and constructs renewable clean energy projects and offers related consulting services to companies in the U.S. and abroad. We partner with commercial energy consumers of all sizes to drive their businesses towards a flawless transition to clean and renewable energy – with solar energy systems, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure projects. We also collaborate with industry partners, including solar developers, energy consultants, and EV infrastructure service companies to ensure their clean energy projects are completed successfully and on time – with industry-leading engineering design, procurement, construction, and consulting services. Our commitment to building a new renewable energy era with our partners and customers is fueled by the vision and energy of our team. Our projects deliver value that can be measured financially, inspirationally, and environmentally.

A Leading Renewable Energy Company

Core Development Group is one of the top solar developers in the U.S. (Solar Power World, 2022). We design, develop, and construct renewable energy projects, and offer related consulting services, to companies in the U.S. and abroad.

By partnering with commercial energy consumers of all sizes, along with developers and consultants, we help businesses make a flawless transition to clean and renewable energy. We offer industry-leading engineering, design, procurement, construction, and consulting services in the areas of solar energy, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure.

Renewable Technologies & Sustainability Strategies

Creating financial, environmental and inspirational value.

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Serving 30 States and 3 Countries

Core Development Group operates in North America and the Caribbean Islands. We have employees located coast to coast in the U.S. to provide local market insights and services.

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Investing in American Energy Independence

Core Development Group is proud to be among the U.S. companies driving our country’s transition to complete energy independence. This entails increased use of clean, renewable energy and reduced reliance on polluting fossil fuels, including foreign imports. We support domestic manufacturing by offering high-quality, American-made solar energy products to our corporate and energy clients.

While fulfilling our mission, we invest in the domestic economy through the creation of well-paying jobs and federal, state and local tax payments. We embrace American workers including veterans—the backbone of our national economy.

“Core Development Group approaches projects with a can-do attitude with excellent two way communication. They consistently demonstrate professionalism at all levels with technical proficiency, high safety levels, and expert knowledge.”
- EPC Provider

Helping Companies Usher in a New Era of Renewable Energy

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Environmental Excellence


Renewable Energy Core Development Group has converted according to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalences Calculator.

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This figure is equivalent to preventing:

CO-2 Emissions From

Pounds of coal

CO-2 Emissions From

Barrels of oil

Greenhouse gas emissions from

Passenger vehicles driven for a year