Electric Vehicle Charging Station Design and Development

The rapid growth of the EV market has led to a proliferation of connection and charging strategies, charger designs, and charging networks.

However, for the uninitiated, the complex process of determining the design and development for charging stations can appear so daunting and overwhelming that many companies avoid the technology altogether.

This is where Core Development can help! With over 15,000 electric vehicle charging station and parking stall installations, Core Development Group provides large-scale planning, development, management, and maintenance of charging infrastructure to support fleet electric delivery vans, electric-yard hostlers, electric-box trucks, and electric-day cabs.

Core Development Group has successfully implemented sequential charging systems to help manage power for large lot deployments, managed dedicated utility-medium voltage parking lot EV power loops, and performed utility large-scale EV power use case coordination studies.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers and Installation for Commercial Locations


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Commercial Buildings

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Commercial Fleets

Commercial EV Charging Installations

Installing EV chargers on a commercial property can provide revenue and attract new customers, while lowering commute costs for employees with EVs. Below are common examples for Core Development Group’s commercial EV charging installations:

Commercial & Office Parking Lots

A rapidly increasing number of companies have installed charging stations in their parking areas. Ensure that you meet the demands of your employees, attract top talent by showing your commitment to a sustainable environment.

Hotel and Hospitality Parking Lots

The travel and hospitality industry is a fast adopter of installing charging stations in their parking areas. An increasing number of travelers in electric cars are searching for places to charge their EVs during travel breaks or at overnight accommodations with charging facilities. Don’t miss business opportunities since EV drivers may dismiss any restaurants, rest-stop locations, or hotels that don't offer convenient EV charging.

Retail, Strip Malls, or Shopping Mall Parking Areas

To meet new customer demands, the operators of retail shopping parking areas (e.g., shopping malls, restaurants, retail stores, big box stores, etc.), frequently offer EV charging services. Adding EV chargers to retail parking areas will help attract more visits, increase shopping time, and increase revenue.

Health Care Parking Areas

An increasing number of hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices, and health care facilities have installed charging stations in their parking areas to meet increasing consumer demand.

Commercial & Municipal Fleets

Delivery service fleets, municipal parking lots, and government departments generally have parking areas fully equipped to charge their electric vehicles.

EV Charging Incentives

State Specific Incentives – There are several types of incentives that can create added value to your business. The federal government and various states have programs in place to help reduce the cost of EV charging stations. Several electric utility companies offer pilot programs for EV infrastructure or have announced programs and tariffs to assist with EV conversion. The race is on! States including California, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are now developing programs and tariffs to aid with EV conversion.

Switching to accommodate electric vehicles not only means accessing grants, financing, and planning the timing of new vehicle purchases; it includes implementing vehicle charging infrastructure, optimizing utility tariffs, and exploring renewable energy and storage to help offset the load and cost of going electric. Core Development Group can help you take advantage of various programs and incentives that make EV charger installation affordable for commercial property and parking lot owners.

Area of Service

Across the United States, we’ve helped public and private organizations transition to renewable energy. Our footprint of capabilities spans across North America, with an advanced understanding of regulations that are involved with ongoing rule making at the local, utility, state, and federal levels.

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Automobile manufacturers have committed to transforming their product lines to EV by adding numerous new plug-in models to their portfolios in the years to come; many have pledged to offer all-electric fleets within a decade.

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