Commercial EV Charging Stations

We are contracted to design and develop over 15,000 electric vehicle charging stations throughout the U.S. and have installed over, 8,000 electric vehicle charging stations and parking stalls Core Development Group provides large-scale planning, development, management, and maintenance of charging infrastructure to support fleets of electric delivery vans, electric yard hostlers, electric box trucks, and electric day cabs.

Core Development Group has successfully implemented sequential charging systems to help manage power for large lot deployments, managed dedicated utility-medium voltage parking lot EV power loops, and performed utility large-scale EV power use case coordination studies.

EV Charging Consulting and Owner's Agency

We listen to our client’s needs, help define forward-looking solutions, and ultimately achieve client EV transportation electrification goals. Our specialized consulting division for EV charging station installation offers custom EV charging infrastructure services and resources for companies and organizations across the United States.

Our experienced consultants can help plan EV charger selection, infrastructure needs, and installation, including site verification and feasibility through permitting and city approvals, incentive maximization, local utility coordination, charger, and software selection commissioning, and final installation.

Our team focuses on providing companies with the confidence to meet their EV charging station design and development goals without adding costly staffing, regardless of supplier. Core Development Group has a wealth of experience in owner’s agency and consulting, including the request for proposal processes, contractor selection, service agreements, contract selection, license and insurance reviews, planning system configurations, permitting & inspections, incentives, cost analysis, and more.

Let Core Development Group optimize facility clean energy needs for reliability, performance, and value. Get a free initial consultation to evaluate your specific needs so we can detail a scope of services customized for you.

EV Fleet Charging

Whether you are a vehicle fleet owner, large retailer, or other business or government organization, Core Development Group is here to listen and work to understand your unique needs for Electric Vehicle Charging solutions. We have EV Charger Station expertise from planning, development, and construction to maintenance, we are the go-to company for building custom solutions. We work to gain an understanding of your individual property or portfolio of properties’ characteristics and will provide recommendations based on current and available power resources that will best match your requirements with the latest technology and infrastructure to recommend plans to meet your short-term requirements while anticipating your longer-term needs.

Our engineering team has decades of experience with designing and implementing straightforward to complex solutions that can be required based on your current vehicles and/or those vehicles you will need to meet your ESG Goals. EV Chargers are evolving quickly, and demand will rapidly increase with the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) which may impact the speed and scale of your plans as there are many financial incentives for adopting Electric Vehicles and we can help walk you through the federal, state and local rules, regulations and incentives that can have a large impact on the implementation that best suits your needs.

You may be an expert or novice with understanding the difference between the cost, amount of work, and infrastructure that is required to design and build EV Chargers for Level 2 and/or Level 3 chargers, which can vary significantly. While shorter EV charging times sound great, there are many other considerations as you look to design the type of EV Chargers and the quantity that may be needed based on your expected number of EVs, and how and when they will be used. Please give Core Development a call or register here to speak with an EV Charging expert.