EV Charging Consulting and Owner's Agency

EV Charging Consulting and Owner's Agency

We listen to our client’s needs, help define forward-looking solutions, and ultimately achieve client EV transportation electrification goals. Our specialized consulting division for EV charging station installation offers custom EV charging infrastructure services and resources for companies and organizations across the United States.

Our experienced consultants can help plan EV charger selection, infrastructure needs, and installation, including site verification and feasibility through permitting and city approvals, incentive maximization, local utility coordination, charger, and software selection commissioning, and final installation.

Our team focuses on providing companies with the confidence to meet their EV charging station design and development goals without adding costly staffing, regardless of supplier. Core Development Group has a wealth of experience in owner’s agency and consulting, including request for proposal processes, contractor selection, service agreements, contract selection, license and insurance reviews, planning system configurations, permitting & inspections, incentives, cost analysis, and more.

EV Infrastructure Consulting

Help transition fleets from gas to power with EV consulting services for commercial & industrial businesses, fleets, corporations, developers, and contractors. Core Development Group has key competency in EV charging consulting, design/build, and engineering services. We work with clients across the U.S. and abroad, providing full-service due diligence services, from feasibility analysis and design to implementation, optimization, and management of EV charging systems.

Our commercial EV charging experts can take clients through the full development cycle of a project, starting with validation of a project’s technical and economic feasibility and progressing to the design, engineering, supplier, and contractor specification phases, sourcing of investment capital, and available grants or incentives, construction oversight, permitting, monitoring, measurement, and technology vendor selection.

Learn more about our EV charging infrastructure technical consulting. Download our Guide to Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions. (this will open a PDF in a new window)

Consulting Capabilities for EV Charging

  • Fleet Expertise
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Management
  • Network Planning
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Project Planning
  • Contractor Management
  • Commissioning
  • Energy Storage Options
  • Peak Demand Management
  • Software Selection
  • EV Charging Incentive Management
  • Cost Modeling
  • Procurement
  • Permitting

EV Charging Station Design & Development Consulting

Core Development Group has key competency in EV charging station consulting, design, build, engineering services, and the experience needed to help navigate this rapidly changing industry. With over 15,000 electric vehicle charging stations and parking stall installations, Core Development Group provides large-scale planning, development, management, and maintenance of charging infrastructure to support fleet electric delivery vans, electric-yard hostlers, electric-box trucks, and electric-day cabs.

Owner’s Agency or Representation

Get EV charging station project experience to support management as an extension of the ownership team. Unbiased, technical risk management drives our projects step by step through engineering, procurement, construction, and operations.

Core Development Group can help streamline the process of designing, evaluating, funding, and implementing your next EV charging project. Owner agency or representation services can include analyzing options, designing optimal energy solutions, managing the contractor selection, providing construction oversight, managing timelines and schedules, optimizing procurement processes, financing options, managing all third-party communications on behalf of the client, and facilitating client training to ensure the ongoing success of energy projects.

EV Consulting and Owner Representation

Design Analysis

Engineering, project design, EV charger selection, EV charging system layout, bill of materials, and energy optimization.

Cost Analysis

Cost component details, labor options, operational expense review, and service selection. Real word experience, including current supply chain insights. National and local costing data points.

Financial Analysis

Projections for EV project costs, incentives, rebates, expense analysis, potential revenue streams, tax consequences, and maintenance costs.

Regulatory and Legal Support

Manage filings and paperwork that drives federal or state incentives, utility submissions, compliance, permitting, program details, and state requirements.

Experience and Expertise with EV Charging Station Installation

Get in-depth expertise and experience to provide the EV charging system design, verification, and management solutions to minimize business risk and ensure the success of your EV charging needs. Experience includes electrifying EV charging solutions for warehouses, parking garages, old or new surface parking lots, urban parking garages, corporate office parks, multi-level parking areas, and industrial trucking locations. Our comprehensive consulting and engineering services support our clients at every stage of their energy project— from development to commercial operations. We service stakeholders of EV projects including local utilities, government agencies, technology manufacturers, developers, and owners who rely on our comprehensive engineering and consulting services to make sound technical and financial decisions.

Let Core Development Group optimize facility clean energy needs for reliability, performance, and value. Get a free initial consultation to evaluate your specific needs so we can detail a scope of services customized for you.