Core Development Group celebrates Earth Day by inspiring clean energy

Mahwah, NJ

In recognition of the 53rd annual Earth Day this month, Core Development Group is joining individuals and organizations around the world in celebration of environmental protection. As part of the activities this year, Core Development Group is announcing an effort to plant tree seedlings to help offset carbon emissions and give back to the community by supporting local Earth Day events.

Renewable energy not only reduces the world’s reliance on fossil-fueled power, but it also helps save depleting energy resources for a better tomorrow. Core Development Group is excited to celebrate Earth Day by helping increase emission-free energy generation in the United States and inspiring clean energy for years to come. Since its founding, the group has been vigilant in giving back to the community, helping companies reduce their carbon footprint, and building renewable energy projects across the United States and beyond.

Employees donate considerable hours and resources to non-profit organizations that mean so much to their customers. For the last decade, Core Development Group has put its heart and expertise to work every day – helping clients hedge against inflation and increasing national energy independence from imported energy sources. The group has energized the lives of those who need it most, partnering with local and national charities, local youth organizations, schools, and community food kitchens. This April, the Boys & Girls Club of Paterson and Passaic in New Jersey will receive an educational class given by the group’s employees hoping to inspire renewable energy leaders of the future.

Core Development Group has been supporting businesses to move towards a clean energy future by tackling complex challenges with energy solutions that yield measurable savings and business impacts across the country. Choosing onsite renewable energy systems is one option that businesses and organizations are doing to demonstrate that they care about their environment and are committed to sustainability efforts.

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“Trees are one of the most powerful tools to combat the climate crisis,” says Adam Burgess, Director of Operations at Core Development Group. “To help do our part and to celebrate Earth Day, Core Development Group will have 500 trees planted in locations in the United States. Plus, the group committed to offsetting its carbon emissions for its office headquarters in Mahwah, New Jersey. Carbon offsets are a practical and effective way to counteract your individual carbon emissions or ‘carbon footprint’ while contributing to a more sustainable future by investing in renewable energy.”

The group is focused on inspiring clean energy. They strengthen and empower customers and communities with renewable solar energy projects and added resiliency of battery storage. They built lasting partnerships based on transparency, integrity, and trust. This year, Core Development Group is attending a client’s Earth Day event in New Jersey that will demonstrate how their onsite commercial solar systems will offset the buildings’ electricity usage with power generated from the sun.

“We are more than a company that simply offers net zero emission strategies through solar energy, storage, and EV charging,” said Core Development Group CEO Henry Cortes. “We are more effective when we are working together to reduce carbon footprints and mitigate our impact on climate change.  The mission for each of us, through our jobs and daily responsibilities, is to convert our positive energy and use our knowledge to power the lives of people, communities, and businesses. We all help impact other lives and make Core Development Group the go-to, long-term renewable energy partner.”

Core Development Group is continuously growing as the market shifts and customer needs evolve. They plan on guiding organizations to a cleaner and more sustainable future with customizable commercial solar, building community solar projects, and utility-scale solar development, all while energizing the lives of their customers and communities.


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About Core Development Group:

Core Development Group is a trusted and agile independent U.S. company that designs develops, and constructs renewable clean energy projects and offers related consulting services to companies in the U.S. and abroad. The nationally ranked company helps organizations of all types and sizes transition to clean, renewable energy with solar energy, battery storage, microgrids, and EV charging installations. Core Development Group also partners with other leading companies in the renewable energy industry to provide world-class engineering, design, procurement, construction, and quality assurance construction management consulting services. Founded in 2012, Core Development Group is headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey.

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