Core Development Group Recognized as a Top Battery Energy Storage Provider in 2022

Energy storage solutions have transformed the power landscape with profound implications. The growing renewable energy market, the need to store that energy, and the rising demand for electric vehicles (EVs) have led to a situation of increased demand for energy storage. In addition, storage prices are dropping faster than industry forecasts. Battery storage is rapidly becoming an economical option for many commercial customers to reduce peak demand consumption levels. Battery energy storage systems and technology now play a broader role in energy markets and with grid balancing, conventional power generators are providing increased reliability, resiliency, and renewable energy integration.

Energy storage systems are one of the essential pillars of the renewable energy mix of the future, safeguarding supplies to drive the clean energy transition. Core Development Group is devoted to the electrical energy storage solutions behind the clean energy of tomorrow and is proud to be recognized by Energy Tech Review as a top battery storage solution provider in 2022. The energy award pays tribute to pioneering products and solutions for commercial battery energy storage systems. See more at:

Top battery storage solutions provider 2022

“We are honored to be recognized as a clean technology industry leader. We recognize the importance of innovation in our industry and are encouraged by the growth of the energy storage market to propel businesses and communities toward a cleaner and more resilient future.”
– Henry Cortes, Founder and CEO of Core Development Group

The U.S. commercial energy storage industry has experienced rapid growth over the past year and industry experts predict continued growth over the next decade. Core Development Group is well positioned to collaborate with industry partners, including solar developers, energy consultants, and EV infrastructure service companies to ensure their clean energy projects are completed successfully and on time – with industry-leading engineering design, procurement, construction, and consulting services.

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